The Wonders of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil: Your Secret Weapon against Acne

Do you know that this inexpensive oil has so many uses for your skin, hair and overall health? If you don’t know this then let me share with you the things that you can do with this wonderful oil.

As a woman, I know how obsessed we can get when it comes to any beautifying products we can get our hands on. All the more so, when it works and yet so cheap.

Here are some of the things that this oil can do to you:

Provide intensive conditioning – its rich fatty acid content softens and conditions the hair from the scalp to the roots. It can treat chemically damaged hair and regain its original health in no time.

Tame frizz –  absolute gorgeous on those unsightly frizzes and keeps them in control giving you the best hair ever.

Whitens teeth – although there is no scientific data to support the claim, you still might want to try this out and see the results real time.

Makeup remover –  make-up artist and formulator Rose-Marie Swift is obsessed with this oil for two reasons: its anti-bacterial properties and the oils gentle grime-removing action. Definitely a healthier option to synthetic chemical concoctions we have in the market today.

Use this as a night cream –  it helps to lock in the moisture, therefore, hydrating the skin. The fatty acid maintains the skins natural lipid barrier.

A perfect lip balm for whatever weather. It softens the lips making it supple and moisturized.

Stronger nails – be smart in selecting the best products for you and this includes coconut oil to nourish your nails and prevent them from breakage by making them stronger.

A helpful ingredient to natural deodorants– since the oil has anti-bacterial properties when mixed with other natural herbs and powders it may assist in the effectiveness of the deodorant.

An awesome body scrub – mix coconut oil with sugar or salt to exfoliate those dead skin and bring out the glowing skin lurking beneath those dull skin. Great for your feet too since it does not only a good foot spa but has anti-fungal properties to combat skin issues.

Amazing massage oil- since this oil does not absorb easily into the skin it is great for a massage where a long lubricating effect is absolutely necessary.

A hair mask – can be applied 3 times a week to bring dull hair back into life. Apply thoroughly unto hair wrap with a heated cap or warm towels let it stay for an hour and rinse with shampoo. You could also opt to let it stay overnight for extremely damaged hair and wash it in the morning and feel the instant shine and body.

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