What to Eat for Healthier, Stronger Hair

Want healthy, strong hair? Before spending a fortune on special treatments, give your diet a makeover! Salmon, walnuts, lentils, lean meat, and other high-protein foods stimulate hair growth and enhance its beauty. A diet rich in protein is the secret to thick, shiny strands. This nutrient also increases metabolism, strengthens your nails, and promotes skin health.

Let’s take a quick look at the best high-protein foods for lustrous, strong hair:

What to Eat for Healthier, Stronger Hair


Loaded with protein, choline, and vitamin B12, eggs are your best ally against hair loss. This superfood strengthens the hair follicles, repairs split ends and stimulates hair growth. To reap the benefits, include eggs in your diet, or use them in homemade hair masks.

What to Eat for Healthier, Stronger Hair


For shiny, strong hair, eat salmon at least twice a week. The protein and essential fats in this fish support hair growth and protection from oxidative stress. They also improve hair texture and help repair the damage caused by sun exposure, environmental toxins, and chemicals. If you don’t like salmon, take fish oil supplements or consume olive oil.

What to Eat for Healthier, Stronger Hair

Lean Meat

Lean red meat, such as beef, is rich in protein, iron, and zinc. These nutrients prevent hair loss, keep the hair follicles strong, and increase circulation to the scalp. Another healthy option is organ meat, which boasts massive amounts of protein with just a few calories.

What to Eat for Healthier, Stronger Hair


Oysters are an excellent source of zinc and protein. When consumed regularly, they help prevent dry, flaky scalp, fight DNA damage, and boost hair shine. The iron in oysters protects against anemia, one of the main causes of hair loss.

What to Eat for Healthier, Stronger Hair

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a favorite protein source for vegans and vegetarians. These tiny seeds pack large amounts of vitamin A, vitamin K, zinc, and omega-3s, leading to fuller, stronger hair.

What to Eat for Healthier, Stronger Hair

Hemp Seeds

Make sure your diet includes hemp seeds, which are about 30 percent protein by weight. Loaded with healthy fats, they moisturize the scalp and hair, prevent breakage, and enhance hair growth. Eating just one or two tablespoons a day can make your locks shinier and fuller. Add hemp seeds to smoothies, sprinkle them over salad, or make a delicious trail mix at home.

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