Top Beauty Myths

We all have once believed in these facts, myths, and fiction. Most of them sound true and makes sense until you know the reality behind them.

Here are some common beauty myths debunked:

Myth #1

“Sunscreen is not important in winter because the sun rays are not as harmful as they are in summer”

The sun’s UVA and UVB rays are harmful throughout the year and can penetrate through clouds. If you are not wearing sunscreen in winter, your skin can still get sunburned and the tan you get is a reaction from rays. The sun rays can also cause premature wrinkles and fine lines.

junk food skin acne breakouts

Myth #2

“Chocolate and fried foods can cause acne”

Studies have shown that breakouts and acne are caused by stress and hormonal change in the body. We have seen that most of the overweight people have smooth skin. However, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can make your skin healthy and glowing.

acne breakout pimples redness

Myth #3

“Acne is caused by dirt and oil”

If you don’t wash your face regularly, you might get a few pimples when your pores get clogged but acne is not a result of dirt and oil. It actually starts below the skin surface. Over washing is going to aggravate acne and cause your skin to produce more oil. So, use a gentle cleanser and consult a dermatologist.

repair damaged split ends

Myth #4

“Split ends can be repaired, without trimming”

There is no way that the damaged ends of your hair can be repaired. The only solution to split ends is to get a trim. If you don’t cut them, they can travel up to your hair. However, you can prevent split ends in future by conditioning ends of your hair every time after shampooing.

shaving thick coarse hair

Myth #5

“Shaving causes your hair to grow thicker”

It may appear that hair is growing back thicker but that’s because the hair has been cut at an angle. Cutting hair from the top and not removing from the root appears edgy and thick. So, shaving doesn’t affect the growth of hair.

Myth #6

“You should change your shampoo often”

Why change your shampoo if it perfectly suits your hair? If you notice that after changing shampoo your hair gets better then you were using the wrong shampoo. If more than one shampoo suits your hair you can switch them but if a shampoo works fine for your hair keep using it.

under eye fine line wrinkles

Myth #7

“If you have dry skin, you’ll get wrinkles early”

There is no relation found between moisturizing and wrinkles. However, moisturizing makes your skin appear soft and smooth. Wrinkles are not only caused by dry skin but certain other factors such as sun damage and collagen deterioration. If you want to prevent wrinkles, always wear sunscreen and use suitable anti-aging creams.

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