Tips To Make Your Lip Color Last Longer

Lipstick always looks very feminine and glamorous. Most of us try our best to make lipstick last longer but after a few hours, it fades. Even after trying many lipsticks and long-lasting formulas, the result is always the same. Don’t worry long lasting lip color is not difficult to achieve.

Follow these simple tips to make your lip color last longer:

tips to make lip color last onger

Prepare your lips before applying any color. Exfoliation on lips is important just like your skin. Use a lip scrub or washcloth to remove dead skin which makes your lips dry and flaky. Lip scrubs are available in many yummy flavors. You can also use a toothbrush to exfoliate. After exfoliation, use a lip balm to moisturize your lips. Lip balm works like a primer, if you want you can use a lip primer which can actually make the lip color last very long but it’s not important. Also, foundation or concealer can be used for the base, it will prevent lines to appear and the lip color will go on smoothly.

tips to make your lip color last longer

Line your lips with a lip liner. Choose a lip liner that is very similar to lipstick. If you want you can use a nude lip liner for a soft look. Line and fill your lips with lip liner. It prevents the lipstick from smudging and the lipstick stays within the line.

tips to make your lip color last longer

Apply lipstick on top of lip liner. Some people prefer to apply lipstick with a brush/applicator but you can apply directly from the tube. Applying with a brush gives more precision and only a thin coat of lipstick is applied which doesn’t crack. Blot once and apply another layer of lipstick. Two thin layers will last longer than one thick layer. Make sure you fill in all the gaps and corners.

tips to make your lip color last longer

For shine apply lip gloss. Use a clear or colored lip gloss if you want extra shine. Apply lip gloss only in the center of lips and press together. Avoid the corners of lips.

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