Thick Eyebrow Trend

thick eyebrows fall 2013

Gone are the days of thin fine eyebrows. Say hello to thick. bushy and bold eyebrows. Brows are serious business now. We see it on runways and red carpets, celebrities, and models are rocking fuller brows. The thick eyebrow trend is more focused than clothes on the runway.

fall 2013 thick eyebrow trend

thick eyebrow trend fall 2013

Let’s admit it, we all want Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. A good thick pair of eyebrows really frames your face and open your eyes. Over plucking de-shapes your brows and makes you look older. So, if you want to look younger go for thick natural eyebrows. Only pluck stray hair, not the actual brow line. If your brows are naturally sparse, try using a brow growing oil and let them grow for a couple of months. Those are lucky who are naturally blessed with bushy eyebrows but if your brows are thin and sparse, you better fill them up. There are many eyebrow products available in the market.

thick eyebrow trend fall 2013

thick eyebrow trend

thic eyebrow trend

The best way to fill your brow is by using brow gel, pencil, wax or powder. Choose a color that’s lighter than your brows. Avoid black as it can look too heavy. Depending on your choice, the key to perfect brows is blending. Invest in a good eyebrow kit. To fill your brows, first, load your brush with some product and start at the inner corner. Stroke the brush outward and lightly fill the arch as well. Never try to fill all your hair as it looks too drawn on. Finally, set your brows with brow gel or clear mascara.

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