The Secret Behind Meghan Markle’s Glow

The Secret Behind Meghan Markle’s GlowImage: meghan_markle/Instagram

With the influence of social media and easy access to the internet, it’s no wonder how people get easily jealous of how some individuals manage to maintain such exquisite looks in public – Meghan Markle included. Everyone seems to wonder how the Duchess of Sussex continues to radiate like she does not undergo any form of stress at all!

Just like any ordinary citizen, she, too, does have her fair share of imperfections; however, instead of succumbing to them, she goes through the perpetual process of skincare and makeup in order to preserve her beauty and, of course, to appear flawlessly beautiful in front of the cameras.

Apparently, most of the Duchess’ favorites are not as expensive as you expect. As a matter of fact, you can easily purchase them in stores! Here are her favorite skincare and make-up products:

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Waterproof Mascara, $8

1. Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Waterproof Mascara

You would not want to believe it, but Meghan actually uses this as her to-go mascara, as stated by her former makeup artist. This $9 mascara surely does its wonders in adding volume to one’s lashes as Meghan herself uses this.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, $10

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Another easy-to-find staple Meghan keeps is this small bottle of Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop. She considers this product as her cure-all; thus, she makes sure to bring it with her no matter where she goes.

MAC Eye Kohl Teddy, $29

3. MAC Eye Kohl Teddy

It’s certainly difficult not to look glamorous even at night, especially when you’re Meghan Markle. She makes sure to keep that glam steady by adding brown eyeliner with some gold in it. Certainly, this would keep her look ready to face the night without looking stressed at all!

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat, $79

4. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat

Before anything else, Meghan makes sure to make her face look radiant with the help of this cream pen. Anyone, most especially makeup gurus, would definitely agree that finding the right highlighter that would make your gloomy look disappear is a must!

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder, $28

5. Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder

Exfoliating your face is just as important as putting on sunscreen to your face. Although this is not done on a daily basis, it is still important to do this once a week to get rid of those impurities on your face.

For Meghan, being exposed to make-up and dirt on a daily basis can really be stressful to the skin; hence, she seeks help from this exfoliator to give her a soft glow in return. This product just simply foams on the face and gives off a baby soft glow afterward.

Just because these aforementioned products do wonders in keeping her look fresh and vibrant, it doesn’t mean that Meghan neglects her diet at all! As a matter of fact, diet also plays a vital role in keeping her physical appearance attractive.

Here are some of her diet routine:

1. Eat breakfast every day

The former Suits star shares that she never misses her breakfast and that she opts for healthy meals like oats with fruits alongside hot water and lemon.

2. Drink green juice regularly

Instead of an afternoon coffee, she prefers having green juice as her energy booster. Although she occasionally eats chips, she’s really particular with her health; thus, whenever she starts to feel unhealthy, she immediately cuts the junk out.

3. Sip an occasional glass of wine

Just like others, she also enjoys drinking a glass of wine occasionally. Her love for wine even inspired her to make a blog out of it. Apparently, her blog is no longer available as she’s already part of royalty.

In conclusion, Meghan is really particular with both her looks and health which she manages to pull off really well – and that actually brings much inspiration to the public, especially after knowing how affordable and easy her routines are.

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