The Difference Between Acne and Pimples – Is There Really a Difference?

People suffering from breakouts might wonder if there is a difference between acne and pimples. It’s easy to get confused when no one really has all the information and we’re constantly bombarded with commercials with celebrities who say their product is the best.

In truth, there’s no real difference between acne and pimples. It’s all kind of semantical. Pimples are just one form of acne, the type of thing people think of when they hear the word acne.

Acne is a much broader category. It includes not only pimples, but also whiteheads, blackheads, rosacea. Also when someone says “pimple,” people usually tend to think of a few here and there. Acne tends to indicate that you have more than one breakout. Acne tends to mean multiple breakouts all over the skin.

It’s really just semantics. Pimples are just one form of acne; there’s no real difference between acne and pimples except by how you define them.

If you’re suffering from a few pimples here and there, here are a few tips to clear them up fast.

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1.) Stop over washing and/or scrubbing your face. Washing your skin too often or scrubbing it will only cause more breakouts. Your pimples have nothing to do with dirt or oil on your face.

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2.) Want a pimple to go away fast? Mix some water with baking soda or crush up an aspirin pill and mix it with water. Both will dry out the pimple and clear away any excess dead skin, helping it heal faster.

3.) Drink more water. This will help hydrate your skin and help it clear away blemishes faster.

So while there’s no real difference between acne and pimples, you can do a few things to help clear away those few pesky pimples.

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