Your Shower Loofah Could Make You Sick

Shower loofahs have been around for centuries. Some people use them to improve blood flow and reduce cellulite. Others claim that loofahs exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. Unfortunately, these beauty aids have their drawbacks. Several studies indicate that loofah sponges are the perfect home for bacteria, fungi, and other disease-causing microorganisms. Unless you throw them away after the first use, seek healthier alternatives.

Why You Should Never Use a Loofah

According to health experts, these accessories are a breeding ground for bacteria. Dead skin cells get caught in the loofah where they feed bacteria, mold, and yeast. The humid environment in your bathroom accelerates bacterial growth. Every time you use the loofah, these microorganisms grow and grow. This can lead to staph infections, skin rashes, allergies, folliculitis, and other disorders.

Even though there are ways to protect your loofah, it’s better to seek a substitute. These accessories don’t ever totally dry out, so it’s impossible to kill the bacteria. If you can’t give up your loofah, rinse and dry it well after every use. Clean it weekly with a diluted bleach solution to destroy germs. Replace the sponge every three weeks or so, or as soon as it changes its color or smell. Be aware that washcloths aren’t safer either.

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What Are the Best Alternatives to a Loofah?

From body scrubs and natural exfoliators to plant-based foams, there are lots of great alternatives to the germ-ridden loofah. If you’re on a tight budget, use a regular body wash or dispensable sponge pads. Remember that skin care should be gentle, not harsh. You don’t need a loofah to cleanse your skin.

Consider using a natural soap with exfoliating particles. Or make your own soap using brown sugar, glycerin, oatmeal, coffee zest, and essential oils. Body scrubs are an excellent substitute for loofahs. These products gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it refreshed and hydrated. Another option is dry skin brushing, which eliminates dead cells and boosts circulation.

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