How To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

remove gel polish at homeimage via laurenconrad

Gel nail polish stays longer than traditional polish but for removing it you have to get it done professionally from the salon. Some women like to have their nail polish removed when it starts chipping, as it doesn’t look neat.

Here is an easy tip for removing gel nail polish at home

You will need:

Cotton balls

Aluminum foil


Vitamin E oil/Cuticle oil (optional)

Here’s how to remove gel nail polish at home :

First of all, soak cotton balls in acetone. Rub it on your nails until your polish is completely soaked with acetone.

Cut aluminum foil in squares that are big enough to wrap around your every nail.

Place the acetone soaked cotton ball on your nail and wrap it in foil. Repeat this step on all your nails.

Wait for ten minutes, then remove foil and peel off your nails polish. You’ll find that the nail polish peels off easily due to soaking in acetone. Acetone tends to dry out nails so, use a cuticle oil or vitamin E oil on your nail area to keep them soft. You can also apply petroleum jelly on your nails.

Good Luck!

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