Quick Tip: Perfect Manicure At Home

at home manicure

For most of us, an at-home manicure is not very easy and perfect looking. The number one problem with painting your nails at home is not having a steady hand. Our hands may get shaky and the polish is all over the nail bed or cuticle which is not pleasant.

Here is a quick tip to keep nail polish off your skin and  a perfect manicure at home :

You”ll need:

  • Cotton Q-tip
  • Vaseline or any skin cream

How to:

  • Before painting your nails, dip the Q-tip in vaseline or cream and apply on the skin around your nails. Make sure not to get it on your actual nail.
  • Now paint your nails like you normally do.
  • Wait for the nail polish to dry completely. Now wipe off the vaseline with a clean Q-tip or paper towel. You’ll notice that your cuticle and nail bed is totally clean. This is because vaseline/cream acts like a barrier between your skin and nail polish.

There you have your perfect manicure every time.

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