Is Keratin Treatment Really Worth The Hype?

Is Keratin Treatment Really Worth The Hype?image source

Keratin is a fibrous protein that is the major constituent of the hair, nails, and skin. It not only helps in protecting the outer layers of the hair strands but also strengthens the core of it. Harsh sun rays, artificial heat (iron rods) and other chemicals that are used in coloring the hair, damage the cortex of the hair structure which makes your hair look dull. Replenishing the keratin helps in correcting the permeability of the hair making it smooth and glossy once again.

Types Of Keratin Treatments

Depending on the type of hair that you want, there are different types of treatments that the salons offer. Keratin treatments are created differently depending on the type of hair and texture. It is also not meant for every type of hair.

Traditionally if you have curly and frizzy hair and want to straighten it, the treatment is called Brazilian blowout and this is the actual keratin treatment. This process will include a solution that releases formaldehyde along with keratin. When coated on your hair and kept for 20 to 25 minutes it straightens your hair. After the application, your hair will be washed, blow dried and flat ironed. You will have beautiful shiny, straightened and frizz free hair. It is temporary in nature and usually lasts for about 4 to 5 months.

There is the formaldehyde-free treatment which is usually confused with Brazilian blowout and is known to as smoothening. Smoothening is also a temporary process and will not straighten your hair instead will calm down your waves and frizz, loosen your curls and make your hair look shiny and glossy. This is usually done to tame your mane and so they become more manageable.

Formaldehyde actually forms a sort of layer on your hair and locks your hair in a straight position and stays put even after you shampoo several times. But with time this armor fades and your natural hair texture is resumed.

Each salon may have a different name for the treatments they are offering. However, the process remains the same. You just need to explain about your hair texture and then tell the salon professional the hair results you are expecting after a treatment.

Is Keratin Treatment Really Worth The Hype?

How To Care For Your Hair After A Keratin Treatment

• You don’t have to wash or tie your hair for 3 days else you will end up getting waves. Avoid swimming or sweating and stay out of the rain. Moisture and water tend to wash away the layer of protein on your hair which leaves marks or dents on the hair.

• Sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulphate(SLS) is a chemical that most shampoos have. They snatch away the natural oils of your hair and damage them. Therefore look for non-SLS shampoos.

• Sleep on silk pillows because they create less friction and help your keratin last longer.

• Avoid hair gels or hair styling products if you want your treatment to last long.

Is Keratin Treatment Suitable For Your Hair?

Those who have frizzy, curly, colored and already chemically treated hair should opt for keratin treatments. Those who already have silky, shiny and straight hair should not go for such treatments. Instead of Brazilian blowout, they can go for other treatments that are milder and will help in strengthening their hair or increase its volume.

Can You Do A Keratin Treatment At Home?

The level of keratin is normally lower in those who have curly or textured hair which makes their look dry and frizzy. Keratin shampoos and masks available in the market and can be used by individuals at home. The effect may not be as good as the results that you will get when the same treatment is performed by a trained hair salon professional. They are skilled to perform keratin treatment on the hair and the results are usually amazing.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Keratin Treatment?

Formaldehyde along with other chemicals that is present in such solutions can harm your hair only if you abuse them. Performing the treatment twice a year would be perfectly fine, but extensive use could damage your hair.

Keratin treatment is perfect for those who find it difficult to manage their hair because of frizz and curls. With this treatment, they can have beautiful, shiny and manageable hair that they always look forward to.

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