How To Add Volume To Hair

We all want big voluminous hair that we see in advertisements but when we actually try to do a similar look it is a difficult task for most of us. Using a few techniques and products, you can easily add volume to your hair.

Here are some tips on how to add volume to hair:

Use a volumizing or thickening shampoo followed by a conditioner. When trying to add volume to your hair, it all comes to the right product choice. There’s a huge variety to choose from depending on the budget.

Before blow-drying, apply a volumizing styling mousse or spray. Use it just around the roots, not all the way through your hair length because this will weigh down your hair. Begin blow drying by sectioning your hair. Simply lift your hair from the roots with your fingers and use your blow dryer. You can also use a big radial brush to create big voluminous hair. Use the brush to lift your hair one to two inches from the roots and start blow drying.

Use styling wax or spray to keep frizz away. Frizz is the enemy of soft and bouncy hair. To avoid frizz it is important to moisturize your hair. When your hair is dry it absorbs moisture from air and frizzes.

Avoid using too much product as it will weigh down your hair making it appear even limper. Some shampoos and conditioners tend to weigh down hair.

Once a week use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of product buildup, residue, and all that gunk.

Your haircut makes a lot of difference in the appearance. Layered hair looks more voluminous than one length hair.

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