Heal Your Skin Naturally with Essential Oils

Want to have smooth, glowing skin and get rid of those unsightly pimples? Are you struggling with dark spots, blemishes, or acne? Before applying a new cream or lotion, consider using something natural. Essential oils have been used for centuries due to their healing power.

Traditional skin care products are loaded with chemicals. Even those labeled “organic” or “natural” rarely work against skin problems. Essential oils, on the other hand, are safe and provide quick results.

Ready to tweak your beauty routine? Heal your skin naturally with these essential oils:

frankincense essential oil for skin problemsimage via purehaven

Frankincense Oil

Due to its astringent properties, frankincense oil works as a natural acne remedy. It not only helps prevent flare-ups but also reduces blemishes and shrinks your pores. At the same time, it slows the aging process and minimizes wrinkles. Its ability to heal wounds is confirmed by science.

lavender essential oil for skin problems

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is best known for its relaxing effects. Rich in antioxidants, it also destroys acne-causing bacteria and protects your skin cells from oxidative stress.

Studies indicate that lavender oil increases antioxidant levels in the body, leading to a stronger immune system and younger-looking skin. Loaded with antimicrobial compounds, it may help prevent skin infections and accelerate wound healing.

This essential oil is particularly benefits for dry and acne-prone skin. It’s equally effective in reducing the appearance of age spots and scars.

Patchouli essential oil for skin problemsimage via balancemebeautiful

Patchouli Essential Oil

With its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, patchouli essential oil can do wonders for your skin. It’s a safe, natural remedy for eczema, dermatitis, and even psoriasis. When applied regularly, it helps reduce scarring and lifts your skin.

geranium essential oil for skin problemsimage via naturallivingideas

Geranium Oil

If you’re concerned about aging, geranium oil can help. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it scavenges oxidative stress and reduces swelling. With regular use, it slows the aging process and plumps up your skin.


Jojoba Oil

This list wouldn’t be complete without jojoba oil. It’s extremely hydrating and nourishes your skin, leaving it smooth and silky.

Furthermore, jojoba oil regulates sebum production and helps prevent acne flare-ups. Despite its high-fat content, it removes excess oils from your skin and restores its pH balance. This makes it beneficial for those with acne, dry skin, oily skin, and eczema.

Beware that essential oils shouldn’t be directly applied to the skin. Dilute them with carrier oils, such as avocado oil, olive oil, or argan oil. Do a patch test on your forearm to make sure you don’t experience any adverse reactions.

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