Hair Color Ideas For The Season

hair color highlights ideas for 2011

Are you bored with the same old dark hair color and want to add some glow to it, then the easiest way to spice up your hair is to color it. Hair color trends are always changing and it could be tricky to pick out the right shade for your hair. You can either add highlights or color completely. Summer is the right time to try hair highlights, color your hair to a lighter shade or go all over blonde.

Before you decide to color your hair, you need to take certain things into consideration. The very first being whether you want to highlight or color completely. Highlighting means you are going to color only a few hair strands. Highlights are great for defining a haircut or creating a voluminous effect. They really lighten up the face without coloring your whole head, which is cheap. Coloring your entire hair completely alters your look, giving you a new style and personality.

The next thing you want to consider is your skin tone. If you have pale skin, avoid dark colors as they can make you a lot paler. Those with dark skin should avoid light blonde shades. If you have a pink undertone, avoid red shades, while those with yellow undertones should avoid golden. Lighter blond highlights like champagne and platinum are suitable for blonde hair. For light brown hair, choose honey or caramel shades that are not too light or dark. For darker hair, medium brown and red shades look very well.

The best summer shades for dark or jet black hair is to either add highlights or color with a two to three shades lighter. Lightening dark hair to medium brown shade gives an instant glow to the face and taking jet black to brown can give you a sunny look.

hair color highlights ideas for 2011

If you are not sure about choosing the shade or you have never colored your hair before, always have a professional to do the color. The right hair shade and quantity can prevent you from a hair color disaster. The hair color totally depends on your personality, you can even have pink, green or any other color highlights for that rock n roll look!

avril lavigne pink hair

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