Easy DIY Manicure “How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home”


give yourself a manicure at home

A professional manicure can be expensive but it’s very important to have neat and well-groomed hands. The steps for a manicure are very simple. You can try it at home and do a neat looking fresh manicure. Giving yourself a manicure at home is relaxing and saves money too.

Follow these simple steps for an easy manicure at home.

how to give yourself a manicure at home

Clean your nails

First of all, remove any old nail polish using a nail polish remover. The surface of your nail should be clean. Using an old toothbrush and soap, brush your nails and rinse.

give yourself a manicure at home

Clip and file

Clip your nails straight across. Don’t cut them too short because short nails are painful. For beautiful hands you don’t have to grow your nails to extreme lengths, short nails look neat and well groomed. File your nails using a nail filer. Use an emery board, not a metal one as it can weaken nails. Always file in one direction, filing back and forth can break your nails.

how to give yourself a manicure at home

Nourish your cuticles

Push back cuticles. Never cut your cuticles as they prevent bacteria from entering your body. If your cuticles are dry or in bad condition, you can use cuticle dissolver or cuticle oil to soften dead skin.

give yourself a manicure at home

Exfoliate and moisturize

For soft and smooth hands, always apply hand cream. You can carry one in your purse to reapply during the day. Before moisturizing, exfoliation is very important to remove dry and dead skin and end dullness. There are many scrubs available in the market or simply you can make your own. Making your own scrub at home is natural and cheap too. A simple scrub you can make at home using sugar. You’ll need two tbsp of olive oil and 1-2 tsp of sugar. Mix them together and apply on your hands. Gently massage for a few minutes and rinse.

give yourself a manicure at home

Apply nail polish

Now, if you like wearing nail polish all the time, you can apply at this point. There is no hard and fast rule that you should always wear nail polish. There are so many fun colors available that its hard to resist. Before you apply any nail polish, first apply a thin coat of base polish. Apply your nail color in three swipes. First, dot it in middle of the nail and swipe straight and then swipe both the sides. This technique is super easy for a neat finish. Apply a top coat or sealer for a long-lasting manicure.

Have fun and enjoy your beautiful nails 🙂

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