Boho Headband Trend + Taylor Swift’s Headband Styles

how to wear boho headband hairstyles

Headbands are fashion accessory from the ’60s that are making a comeback. The bohemian vibe is back and hippie headbands are a definite must-have. There is no need to spend money at the hairdresser, depending on your personality, choose from a vast variety of chic boho headbands. These vibrant colorful headbands provide an inexpensive solution to glam up any outfit.

Use your creativity and experiment with trendy headbands to revitalize your look. Gone are the days of spending time on bobby pins and combs to create an elegant look. Headbands don’t damage hair like bobby pins, clips, and other hair accessories. Wear these trendy headbands anywhere at any time of the day. Straight or wavy hair, this trends looks equally good on both with the advantage of keeping hair away from the face.

how to wear boho hippie headband trend

how to wear boho headband trend

Classic headbands can ramp up any modern look. Look out the markets for dashing designs that you can either wear on the forehead or in a classic way. There are a lot of headband designs to choose from. Some of the major headband designs are floral, printed and glittery-jeweled ones.

Wear them with jeans and a flowy top or a summer dress. For a vintage look, choose headbands with floral embellishments. Those with thick tresses can go for a wide headband that is prominent. On the other hand, those with fine hair can enjoy skinny headbands. Also, headbands are great for making your fringe or bangs prominent.

Taylor swift love headbands!

Taylor swift’s headbands are an inspiration for every girl. It’s evident that she can’t get enough of her headbands. We have seen her wearing really simple headbands to floral and glittery ones. She is rocking this headband trend with every outfit. Here are few pictures for inspiration from Taylor Swift’s headband styles:

how to wear boho hippie headbands

how to wear boho headbands

how to wear boho headbands

how to wear boho headbands

Which headband did you prefer?

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