Beauty Tips using Vaseline

Vaseline, commonly known as petroleum jelly is a multipurpose cheap product. There are a zillion uses for it and half of its uses are beauty related. Here are some beauty tips using Vaseline.

Beauty Tips using Vaseline

Make your eyelashes long and thick

Apply it to your eyelashes, it’s known to make your lashes grow longer and thicker.

Soft feet

For softer feet, apply vaseline on your feet and cover with socks and wake up in the morning with soft feet.

Make your own cream blusher

Make a cream blusher by mixing your favorite lipstick with vaseline and apply it on your cheeks for a glow.

Soft cuticles

Use Vaseline to make your nail cuticles soft.

Tame Eyebrows

Use Vaseline to tame eyebrows and bring it in a shape.

Make your own lipgloss

Put Vaseline on your chapped lips or use it as a lip gloss. Melt Vaseline in the microwave and add some peppermint essence to make your own flavored lip gloss.

Prevent lipstick from sticking on your teeth

Apply on teeth before applying lipstick to prevent any color from sticking on your teeth.

Soft elbows and knees

If you have dry elbows and knees, applying Vaseline daily can make them soft.

Makeup remover

Use it to remove mascara, lipstick, eyeliners, and powder.

Protection against chemicals

Use it around the hairline to protect your skin against hair dyeing, perming and straightening chemicals.

Hide split ends

Use it on hair ends to hide dry hair and split ends.

Lip exfoliant

Apply it to your lips then scrub with a toothbrush.

Waterproof eyelashes

Define eyelashes and make them look glossy and waterproof.

Remove eyelash glue

Use it to remove false eyelash glue from the lash line.

Body moisturizer

Apply Vaseline all over your body, while your body is still damp after a bath. It will leave your body soft and smooth.

Homemade scrub

Make an easy scrub by mixing it with sea salt.

Long-lasting Scent

Apply Vaseline on your wrist before spraying perfume. It will make the fragrance last longer.

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