Are DIY Charcoal Masks Really That Great?

charcoal face mask

Charcoal has been used for thousands of years as a detox agent and digestive aid. This natural compound binds other substances to its surface, absorbing toxins and harmful chemicals. When applied on the skin, it cleanses the pores and promotes healing. Due to its adsorption properties, it removes dirt and debris, reduces toxin buildup, and balances oily skin. At the same time, it kills fungi and bacteria that may cause rashes, acne, and eczema.

What Does Charcoal Do for Skin?

This ancient remedy boasts various healing properties and has none of the side effects associated with traditional drugs. When ingested, it absorbs and removes toxins from your body, eliminates heavy metals, and destroys pathogens. For this reason, it’s commonly used in the treatment of poisoning. What most people don’t know is that charcoal can do wonders for the skin and hair.

Depending on your needs, you can use this natural cure to treat acne and body odor, relieve discomfort for insect bites, or get rid of dark spots. Because of its cleansing properties, charcoal slows down aging and prevents cellular damage. Since it absorbs dirt and oil, it can be used as an acne treatment.

Unlike traditional skin care products, it doesn’t irritate your skin nor cause rashes. Actually, more and more companies are adding charcoal to their beauty products. Nowadays, you can purchase charcoal bar soaps, purifying black strips, charcoal masks, and anti-aging creams made with active charcoal.

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How to Make Your Own Charcoal Mask

The skin care products found in stores may contain harmful chemicals. Just because they’re made with charcoal, it doesn’t mean they’re safe or healthy. Luckily, you can prepare your own charcoal mask at home and limit your exposure to toxins. To fight acne-causing bacteria and cleanse your pores, mix charcoal with sea salt and rose water. Massage your skin and leave the solution for a few minutes before rinsing.

If you’re struggling with blackheads, combine together rose water, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal. Apply it on your face and rinse a few minutes later. Your skin will feel clean and smooth. This mixture unclogs and shrinks your pores while pulling out impurities. If you have dry skin, mix charcoal, honey, water, and tea tree oil or lavender essential oil. Leave the mask on your face for at least 10 minutes. Be aware that charcoal isn’t water soluble, so it needs to be mixed with an emulsifier.

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