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hair extensions

Want long hair without waiting years for it to grow? Well, hair extensions are the one and only answer to your problem. These are also great to add volume, bounce, and color to natural hair. It takes hours to go from short to long hair and you can wear them for months.

Hair extensions not only provide length, but they are also great to thicken up thin hair and add highlights or lowlights without treating the hair with chemicals.

With recent advancements, hair extension methods have improved providing us with various methods to choose from. These methods help us to choose extension according to the hair type and improve natural hair as the extension hair protect your hair.

Some of the most common methods are:

Strand by Strand Hair Extensions

all about hair extensions - strand by strand hair extensions

Most salons offer strand by strand hair extensions with 100 hair strands each, secured with a keratin protein polymer cap on the top. Each cap is bonded to your natural hair close to the scalp with a tong-like tool. Before bonding, hair extensions are dyed to match the color of natural hair.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

clip in hair extensions

Clip-in extensions are great if you want temporary hair extensions. It ranges from a one-inch clip that is clipped from ear to ear. Usually, three to five clips are required which can easily hide under your natural hair. These are super easy to apply in just five to ten minutes. These extensions need to be removed before sleep and shower. You can shampoo them and style them easily. Good quality clip-in extensions can be reused forever.

Partial Weave and Full Weave

partial weave and full weave hair extensions
Weaves are best for textured hair and if you want to change the texture or color of the hair. It’s a line of hair, stitched at the top like a curtain of hair. For partial weaves, the stylist will first braid some of your hair along the scalp. Then use a curved needle and thread to attach the extension along the braids. For full weave, all the hair is braided before sewing the weft.

There are many things to be considered such as the condition of the hair, your hair care habits and budget before your final decision on hair extesnsions.

Types of Hair Extensions

You can choose from:

  1. 100% real human hair
  2. 2. Synthetic
  3. A mixture of human and synthetic hair

Real human hair will give you the same grown natural effect. It is the best option because you can wash, color, perm or straight it like your own hair and condition it to retain moisture and shine. Synthetic hair doesn’t have that natural fall and bounce. It gets tangled easily and needs to be brushed at least twice a day.

Once you get hair extensions, shampoo and condition just like your natural hair. Use silicone free shampoo because silicone can cause the extensions to fall out. Only condition the ends with deep conditioner, conditioning the scalp will loosen the bonds.

The cost of hair extension is around $500 – $5000. Human hair extension can cost up to $5000. It is important to consult a professional for the right method and type of hair extension for your hair to save your valuable time and money.

celebtries with hair extensions

Are the long locks of these celebrities natural? Chances are, they aren’t real. Most of the celebrities have hair extensions, like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Fergie, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Ashley Greene, and Hilary Duff.

I would love to try hair extensions to add lowlights and bounce to my natural hair. I’d prefer synthetic clip-on extension because they are the easiest to wear for a start.

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