8 Ways To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

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Do you do a full ten step beauty routine before sleep every night? A beauty routine before bedtime isn’t only for your skin; it should also include taking care of your hair. We often throw our hair in a bun or just leave it as it is and go to sleep. If you’ve dry and brittle hair, it may be caused while you were sleeping. Therefore, it is important to protect your hair while sleeping.

Here are 8 ways to protect your hair while you sleep:

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1. Brush Your Hair

Make a habit to brush your hair from root to tip every night. Before bedtime, brush your hair with a wooden brush or comb to evenly distribute the natural oils from scalp to the lengths of your hair.

8 Ways To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

2. Free Your Hair

Make sure to remove hair ties or any accessory from your hair. It is uncomfortable to sleep with hair accessories but more importantly, it pulls your hair and causes damage. To keep your hair in place, make a loose braid. A braid is the safest hairstyle to sleep in. Also, if you braid your wet hair, you’ll wake up with beautiful curls.

8 Ways To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

3. Sleep On Silk

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase sounds luxurious but it actually benefits your hair. Regular cotton pillowcases soak moisture from the hair thus causing frizz and dryness. Invest in a silk pillowcase to protect your hair.

4. Overnight Hair Treatment

The best time to apply oil on hair is night time. This way you can keep the oil for longer. While you’re sleeping, the oils get absorbed in your scalp and deeply nourish your hair. Apply coconut or olive oil and gently massage the roots to promote blood circulation. Make a braid or tie your hair in a bun. You can wrap a scarf on your hair to prevent your pillowcase from getting greasy. Shampoo your hair in the morning.

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5. Dry Your Hair

If you wash your hair before bedtime, make sure to dry your hair and then go to sleep. This protects your hair from breaking as wet hair is more prone to breakage.

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6. Massage Your Scalp

A head massage is relaxing and calming for our mind. It Increases blood circulation on the scalp which promotes healthy hair. The last thing to do before you sleep is to gently massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes. Use your fingers to massage and increase blood circulation.

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7. Wrap Your Hair In A Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are not just a glam accessory. Sleeping with a silk scarf wrapped around the hair protects hair from any breakage as you toss and turn while sleeping. It also protects second-day curls or any hairstyle.

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8. Moisturize The Ends

When the hair shaft gets dry, it splits into two or more sections. The only way to get rid of split ends is by trimming. Split ends can be prevented by moisturizing the ends of your hair. Apply a few drops of oil or vaseline on the ends before bedtime.

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