7 Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Back Acne

7 Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Back Acne

Back acne can be such a nuisance for men and women, especially when you want to wear a tank top or any outfit that shows your back. What causes your back to have acne is your oily or acne-prone skin. Sometimes, you might wonder why you still have breakouts when you’re not usually prone to acne. The reason might be due to the products you are using. Some products may have comedogenic ingredients that may cause your pores to clog up.

Take note that prevention is key. That said, here are a few simple things that can help you get rid of and/or prevent acne:

As much as possible, use fabrics that allow your skin to breathe such as cotton. The fabric of your clothes is important because some fabrics can trap sweat and excess oil. When it does, it can clog up your pores which eventually leads to breakouts.

See to it that you shower after sweating a lot. Sweating can clog up pores, and this is one of the main causes of breakouts, especially during summer time. If you can’t shower right away after a training session, make sure to prepare shower sheets that can wipe the sweat off your body. Even if you’ve done this step, see to it that you’ll still shower before going to bed.

Rinse your hair properly to ensure that you don’t have any hair products left. Most hair products have ingredients that cause the skin to clog up. Not washing them properly will most likely cause a reaction to your back.

Exfoliate at least once or twice a week. Make sure that your body scrub is gentle enough since some can cause minimal abrasion. Exfoliating too much can also damage your skin, so limit yourself to once or twice a week to give your skin enough time to recover.

Moisturize. Your body produces oil naturally, however, there are times when the moisture level of your body gets messed up. If your body gets too dry, it will produce more oil which can cause the body to breakout.

Keep your bed linen clean at all times. Change them regularly to avoid buildup of bacteria. If you are the type to not wash and change clothes before jumping on to your bed, then dirt from outside your home is most likely building up in your bed.

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