5 Beauty Resolutions for a Healthier, Radiant, and Youthful New Year

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A New Year deserves a new you. It is about time for us to make some essential lifestyle changes to ensure a happier, healthier, and more successful new year. We know you’ve been occupied with tedious little tasks as this year takes a bow. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any basic New Year resolution, we jotted down some indispensable beauty resolutions that you must follow in the new year.

Here, take a look:

Embrace Organic Beauty Products

Adopting and embracing natural beauty products will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will also save your skin from harsh chemicals and toxins like harmful dyes, lead, and cadmium rich lipsticks, chemical-rich anti-aging cream, and much more. The new year must be about embracing all the essential nutrients and goodness of nature to beautify ourselves.

Put your Beauty Sleep First

If your body doesn’t get proper rest, it will begin to show on your skin. First, the eye bags will emerge; next will come a decided sag in your cheeks, and then, wrinkles followed by loss of that youthful radiance….. The terrifying list just goes on… But if you never miss your beauty sleep, you can save your skin all this trouble. An undisturbed slumber of at least 8-9 hours is necessary to give a radiant, glowing look to your face. So, whether you have a massive presentation due tomorrow or a hard to meet deadline, try to manage time so you don’t have to compromise on your beauty sleep for anything in the world.

Experiment with Nail Colors

Majority of women tend to stick with one shade of nail polish, which they feel compliments them best. And believe it or not, some women just never find the time to go nail paint shopping, and they keep coating the one they have at hand. Well, in new year, resolve to break the monotony of the same old nail colors and embrace lots of new shades. Set yourself a goal (mine is to try at least 12 new nail paint hues). And these must include reds, orange, neons, blue, metallic, copper, silver, gold, nude, corals, and brown.

Adopt a healthy diet

What you eat ultimately shows on your skin. So, in the new year, the aim is to eliminate all harmful fats, trans-fats, high-carb foods, bad sugars, and preservatives from your diet. Now, of course, this means limiting binge eating burgers, fries, pizzas, pasta, and all the other goodies we so dearly love. Resolve to consume the essential nutrients and minerals found in fruits, veggies, seafood, essential oils, and lentils, which will all help nourish our skin, beautify it and keep it youthful. You might find the diet boring, but the glow on your skin will be enough to make you think twice before you take a bite of that McChicken.

Emphasize your best features

If your lips are your most striking feature or your eyes for that matter, and you’re purposefully downplaying them by not wearing bright lip colors or kohl,  this is the year when you stop doing it. It’s about time you start garnering attention for your best feature, so pick out some dark lip colors like deep wine, hot reds, and berry, along with dramatic black mascara and kohl to play up your eyes. If your cheekbones are high and finely-sculpted, chisel them up with a bronzer for a sharper look.

Never forget to wear sunscreen

There are so many skin illnesses and infections that could have been prevented with a couple drops of sunscreen. And yet, we somehow neglect this effortless preventive measure. So, this year, vow never to compromise the health of the skin and save it from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

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