20 Hair and Skin Care Tips for the Busy Girl

For a busy girl, time is never enough to juggle all the activities she has to attend, and a complicated hair and skincare routine may even make it worse. For these girls, simple and time-saving skin and hair care routine may be of great help to still look presentable and fantastic despite time constraints.

20 Hair and Skin Care Tips for the Busy Girl

Here are 10 quick skincare tips for every busy girl:

1. Do most of your skincare routine at night.

No matter how busy a person is, it is never an excuse to have dry and dull skin. For busy girls, it is advisable to do your skincare routine at night before sleeping. First and foremost, you must avoid sleeping without removing your makeup; you can simply use a makeup remover to remove your makeup. Then, wash your face to remove excess oil and dirt. After that, you can already proceed with moisturizing your face. Doing this simple skincare will help you achieve a fresh face in the morning.

2. Use multi-function makeup.

For busy gals, a makeup product that has two or three uses will usually be their go-to ally, like mascaras that not only lengthens eyelashes but curls at the same time, tinted moisturizes that also helps protect our face from the sun while providing coverage, and so on. These products help save time by using only one product rather than applying two or three more products separately.

3. Before applying makeup, exfoliate your face.

Although some may find it unnecessary to exfoliate their face before putting makeup, exfoliating your face will help smoothen out your makeup and lipstick for a whole day, thus saving you more time from reapplying your makeup.

4. Moisturize and protect using a clear sunscreen.

Using a clear sunscreen as a primer, moisturizer, and face SPF is every busy women’s key to more young-looking skin. Since sunscreen is translucent and hydrating, it is perfect to use for your daily protection.

5. Start applying foundation at the center of your face.

For a more natural look, apply the foundation at the center of the face and spread it out through your jawline and hairline.

6. Drink lots of fluids

Water is the cheapest yet effective solution in hydrating your skin. Drinking two to three liters a day will give your skin a good glow while reducing puffiness. No need for more skincare routine, saving you more time.

7. Use a face mist.

Use a facial mist to avoid dry looking skin. Also, a facial mist protects and replenishes your skin. With too much use, facial mist may also make your skin drier.

8. Eat right

Eating a healthy, balanced diet will give you a healthy, young-looking skin. Stock up with foods that are rich in antioxidants to give you more radiant skin.

9. Get enough sleep

One of the easiest ways to get good-looking skin is by having enough sleep. Try sleeping seven to eight hours every day, and you will notice a radiant glow in your skin.

10. Organize your skincare kit.

Keeping your skincare kit organized will help you locate your skincare products easily, thus allowing you to save more time.

Here are 10 useful tips every busy woman can use for her hair:

1. Wash hair regularly.

Washing your hair more often will help you put off tangled hair. Also, not washing your hair regularly makes it dirtier and prone to dandruff and even lice infestation.

2. Trim your hair.

To save time in styling your hair, you have to let go of some inch from your hair. Trimming your hair will also make it look healthier and vibrant.

3. Use a moisture mist for your hair.

If you want to boost moisture into your hair and you don’t have the luxury of time, then you can simply use a moisture mist. You can simply make a moisture mist by adding a tablespoon of conditioner and oil to a bottle of water.

4.  Loosen your hair.

Pulling your hair too tight can cause damage to your hair. Try alternative hairstyles with looser hairstyles to help your hair recuperate.

5. Use lotion as an anti-frizz serum

If you have no time to buy an anti-frizz serum, then you can use hand lotion as an alternative; it will do the same job.

6. Use dry shampoo.

If you are on the verge of going late for work or a meeting and you don’t have enough time for a quick bath, then you can take advantage of dry shampoo—just apply on your roots and massage it all over your hair. You can also apply dry shampoo at night, saving you more time in the morning.

7. Create a straight part with one move.

The easy trick to create a straight part is by running the comb quickly from the start of your hairline to the center part of your head. If you do it slowly, then the tendency is, your hand will be shakier and will not be able to get a straight part.

8. Curl the ends of your hair.

If you want sophisticated curls for your look, then simply curl the bottom third of your hair. Voila, you have a nice looking hair with a bend at the end.

9. Sleep with your braids.

If you plan to achieve a wavy look for your hair, then sleep with your braids on. In the morning, simply unbraid your hair, and you will have the wavy hair you’ve been dreaming of.

10. Color your own hair.

When you go to hair salons, usually it will take a whole lot of time queuing. For a busy woman, you can opt to color your own hair or have a friend do it for you. That way, you save most of your time lining up for the saloon.

There you have it. These are just some quick hacks that might save your day. Remember, time constraints are not an excuse for looking dull and dry. Invest in products and makeups that will be your go-to routine despite a hectic schedule. Go ahead! Be a gorgeous busy girl.

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