15 Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

When it comes to healthy hair, it’s not only about shampoo or product you apply. Healthy hair is a sign of overall health and habits. Women spend a lot of time and money to get perfect hair. After all your hair adds so much to your personality. It deserves all the care and time.

Here are some easy basic hair tips every girl must know:

1. Don’t brush wet hair as it’s more prone to breakage. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair.

2. For frizzy hair, use a hair serum. Hair serum moisturizes your hair with a light oil or silicone. Use only a few drops as too much serum would weigh down your hair and make it greasy. Apply on the ends and lightly working it up the length.

3. Keeping yourself well hydrated from the inside will make you glow on the outside. Always keep a water bottle with you while working, watching TV or out shopping.

4. Don’t abuse your hair with heat and harsh chemicals. Chlorine in pools, hair dyes, bleaches and permanent treatments like straightening are damaging if done repeatedly.

5. Use sulfate, paraben, and alcohol-free shampoos. These strip moisture from your hair.

6. Use any hair oil like olive oil or coconut oil on damp hair. Applying oil or product on damp hair absorbs better.

7. Always use a heat protectant product before heat styling. These heat protectant products come in the form of oils, serum, spray etc.

8. Avoid hair ties that have a metal end as it breaks your hair.

9. Instead of towel drying your hair, use an old t-shirt. A towel can make your hair frizzy and prone to breakage.

10. Avoid wearing your hair in high ponytails all the time or hairstyles that pull your hair tightly.

11. Hair breakage is often due to the hairstyles you make. If you’re just staying at home or don’t really care about the hairstyle, simply make a braid. Braiding is a healthy hairstyle for your hair.

12. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to avoid split ends. You can do it yourself at home. Cut at least 1 inch above the split as split ends move up to the length.

13. Once you get rid of split ends you want to use products that prevents from having split ends in the future. Even after using these products split ends can occur at some point so the only way is to cut your hair.

14. Mayonnaise may not be good for your health but it can restore your hair’s moisture. Apply it directly to your hair before shampooing, just like you use your conditioner. Wrap your head in a warm towel and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse the mayonnaise and shampoo and condition as normal. Apply mayo to your hair once or twice a week.

15. Unhealthy, weak and limp hair is a sign of poor diet. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrition, neither is your hair. How you treat your body has an effect on your hair and skin. Remember to include fresh fruits, vegetables and protein in your diet.

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