15 Foolproof Beauty Hacks that Busy Moms Swear By

It is a given that most moms would rather spend more time taking care of their kids and household chores rather than taking the time to take care of themselves. Some moms might feel that looking glamorous is not an option because life with kids is not easy at all. All your time and attention will be centered on them. However, it should not be like that. Moms deserve all the time to take care of their looks.

Here is a list of simple beauty hacks that busy moms can follow to make a busy life more bearable without sacrificing quality beauty time:


15 Foolproof Beauty Hacks that Busy Moms Swear By

Hair Care Hacks

Stop blow-drying your hair. Blow-drying your hair every single day before leaving your house is just wasting your time. Instead, you should learn to appreciate your natural hair. If it gets too messy, get a hair tie and tie your hair into a ponytail or even wear a messy do like a bun.

Forget about washing your hair every day. If you have oily hair, you can use dry shampoo at night before going to bed and allow it to do its trick. It can absorb the oil overnight so you will wake up with gorgeous hair without the need to wash it the next day.

Find a haircut which is low-maintenance. This means to decide on which haircut you think suits you best. Decide whether to have a short, medium or long hair depending on its texture and the style you like. Some prefer short hair so it would not require much attention, but some also prefer long hair so they can easily braid it or put their hair up in a bun.

Use hats and caps. Having a peaceful and proper time in the bathroom can be hard with your little ones around. For a quick solution to your oily hair, cover it up with hats and caps and voila, people would not even know that you are intentionally using it to cover up your hair.

Use your eye shadow to cover up your gray hair temporarily. When you have an impromptu event to attend to and you do not have the time to go to the salon for highlights or have your hair color done, then use a brush or a sponge to dab it slowly on your hair. You can also use mascara to cover grey hair.

15 Foolproof Beauty Hacks that Busy Moms Swear By

Skincare Regimen

Apply coconut oil. It can be applied onto your scalp for deep conditioning. It can also be used as a makeup remover. Lastly, it is good for anti-aging and moisturizing your skin.

Keep face wipes that double as cleansers. In times when you are tired from work and you don’t feel like washing your face, grab on to a face wipe and clear all your makeup before going to bed because you will never know when your baby will come close to your bed and touch your face. Babies put their hands in their mouth and you wouldn’t want them ingesting on makeup.

Stock up on Advil liqui-gel capsule or any Ibuprofen gel capsules. Loss of sleep is a given when you are a mom. When you don’t get enough sleep, you might get breakouts, and that only means you need more time in the morning to cover up those pesky zits. To cut down on makeup time in the morning, poke the gel capsule with a needle and apply the liquid gel like you would with a topical cream on the problem spot. This helps reduce the swelling and redness overnight.

In general, change the time during which you do your beauty or skin care routine from morning to night time. When your kids are asleep, you can take the time to do all the beauty regimen that you need without being disturbed. Plus, if you do it in the morning, there is a high probability that you will not be able to do any of those because you will have to attend to them before doing all other things.

15 Foolproof Beauty Hacks that Busy Moms Swear By

Makeup Hacks

Eyeliner for makeup. You do not need elaborate makeup before going to work or out for grocery shopping. Putting on makeup takes time, especially when you are not used to putting them on. So, know what you would like to put on and make it simple. Putting on an eyeliner even without adding an eyeshadow can actually make you look awake. In under 2 minutes, you can get that look done.

Use lip and cheek tints. Using lip and cheek tints is an easy way out of having the “no makeup” look. Not only is it cheap, but also you can save up a lot of time with this dual purpose product. It gives you that natural blush with just a few swipes and dabs on the cheeks and lips.

Find multipurpose beauty products. An example of this is a BB cream or any tinted moisturizer for that matter. Be sure to find those creams or moisturizers that have SPF too. This will save you a lot of time since all you have to do is apply one product which serves as your moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup or foundation.

Eyelash extensions. Getting them may take time at first, but this will save you so much time later on. Having beautiful long lashes would emphasize your eyes and make you look pretty even without putting on makeup.

Eyebrow tint or microblading. This is a semi-permanent makeup which is done like an eyebrow tattoo. It stays long enough and can save you time instead of putting on eyebrow makeup.

15 Foolproof Beauty Hacks that Busy Moms Swear By

Pamper Your Hands

• Skip the nail polish. Instead of wasting your time trying to maintain good-looking nails, you can keep it clean and simple without having to spend a lot of money on having your nails done. This will save you time and money. However, if you cannot live without nail polish, choose gel manicure or nude colors. Also, never forget to keep a nail polish remover in your bag.

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